Why M2G

Marick Management Group (M2G) - Is the full service answer to all your entertainment based product needs.

Once briefed on the business need, M2G will customize it's approach by tapping into its areas of focus such as strategy & business planning, marketing & sales and entertainment licensing and delivering to it's client a well thought out action plan.

If you haven't worked with the major entertainment companies, would like to increase your licensed business or simply want to grow your consumer products business, M2G will put you into connection with the decision makers. M2G brings immediate value to any organization because of its breadth of contacts and relations within the entertainment industry including licensing, toys and music to name a few.

Depending on the size and scope of your needs, the fee structure is flexible. M2G can work on a project fee, retainer or revenue share model.

Marick Management Group's proven track record will open doors that are vital to the opportunities you've been seeking.

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